5 Myths of Spousal/ Common Law Permanent Residency Sponsorship explained by Brampton Immigration lawyer

For getting spousal sponsorship, you must prepare yourself beforehand. Applying for the permanent residency through family class is not always easy, especially if you want to go to Canada. It is not a straightforward process and you have to know the details and the regulations for going there. Many complications are involved in the route from spousal or common law sponsorship to permanent residency. You just be aware of the documents that are necessary for getting the permanent residency in Canada. Before heading towards getting the permanent residency you must know what is all about getting the residency certificate and consult with Brampton Immigration Lawyer.

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Applying For Sponsorship for Your Child Or Partner:

Applying for the sponsorship of spouse of a common law is not an easy task and you have to know from various points the requirements for the sponsorship. There are many steps involved in the procedure of permanent residency for your partner or your child in Canada. You can know about the steps form this blog and start preparing the necessary items required for the procedure. The steps are as follows:

  • Find out the online site to apply for the spousal sponsorship and apply for sponsoring a common law partner or your child. You also have to pay a nominal amount of fee for getting the permission from the Canadian government
  • You must link your application to the online account that you have created
  • Send the representative who is processing your request the necessary documents such as your educational certificate, your job derails and your financial status and medical reports if any. The documents will be verified and checked by them and then only they will pass on the application to the higher authority

  • You must continue to track your account details
  • Update other information and your address if it is needed
  • In case the procedure much time you can always change your representative if necessary
  • If you see that your application of spousal sponsorship is taking more time than it takes, you must consult with a reputed Brampton Immigration Lawyer.
  • After the application has reached its destination now you can prepare for the arrival in Canada and the pre arrival services which will help you to plan and settle your life in Canada

Some Myths about Permanent Residency in Canada:

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If you are thinking of getting spousal sponsorship you must not believe in the myths that are commonly known by people. Some people know that an outland application is only possible if any one of the applicant live in Canada which is absolutely not true. Any inland resident can also apply for getting his family through the sponsorship. Another very common myth is that you need to be married for getting the permanent residence in Canada. You can always apply for the sponsorship if that person shares the same home, shares financial affairs and is emotionally attached to the applicant also can get the sponsorship very easily. No minimum financial requirement is needed for the applicant to get sponsorship which is known by most of the people. You just to provide the documents that are required and not information which most of the people think that if they more information the process will be faster.

Get the details of spousal sponsorship from a Brampton Immigration Lawyer and then apply for the procedure. Read here for more info!


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