About the Web Site
The L.M. Montgomery Research Centre Web site is a scholarly resource designed to highlight the L.M. Montgomery Collection of the University of Guelph Library, making it visible and easily accessible to scholars and readers of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Our goal is to create a dynamic site that will grow and change over the years, reflecting the growth of the Library’s collections as well as the growing body of scholarship being published on L.M. Montgomery.

The Web site will highlight the following parts of the L.M. Montgomery collections at the University of Guelph (please see below), and will enable access to these resources through a searchable database. We will be adding items to the Web site over the next few years, in the sequence in which they are listed below:

Digital images of photographs taken by L.M. Montgomery
Scanned images of L.M.M.’s first two hand-written journals
Scanned images of L.M.M.’s scrapbooks
Scanned version of the original manuscript of Rilla of Ingleside
Scanned images of artifacts from the L.M. Montgomery collections
Scanned images of early and foreign editions of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s works
Digitization of the LMM Collection
The university has undertaken an extensive digitization project to make its large collection of Montgomery memorabilia — including her private journals, scrapbooks, handiwork, photographs, and other records — more accessible to Montgomery scholars and fans everywhere. These digital collections will be made available through this site starting in the Fall of 2008.

The UG Library’s Lucy Maud Montgomery (and other) digital collections will be made available through the OurOntario gateway (www.ourontario.ca) which provides one stop access to the digital collections of libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, community groups, government agencies, and private collections in Ontario and across Canada.

Our Ontario is a service of Knowledge Ontario — an organization representing a collaboration of libraries, cultural heritage organizations and educational institutions delivering services connecting Ontarians with digital content to support information and learning needs.

Our Ontario, through its OurOntario.ca portal, an innovative discovery tool, delivers integrated access to digital collections of libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, galleries, and other content providers. By enabling a wide variety of libraries and museums to digitize and provide unified access to their rare and special collections, Our Ontario provides a way for everyone to contribute to and be able to explore the richness of Ontario culture and history.

Inclusion of the University of Guelph L.M. Montgomery collections in this larger forum will be a powerful way to promote awareness of and international visibility for this author’s life in the province and of her contributions to Canadian literature and popular culture.

Scholarly Activity
Scholarly content on the Web site currently includes a chronology of L.M.M.’s life and career, and a critical bibliography (as a searchable database) of writings on Montgomery, prepared by Dr. Mary Rubio as part of the research for the Norton Critical Edition of Anne of Green Gables (New York: W. W. Norton, 2007).

When possible (where copyright permission has been obtained), the bibliography entries link to the full text of journal articles. We thank those scholars and publishers who have granted such permissions, which greatly enable the sharing of research amongst Montgomery scholars. Future plans for scholarly content in the Web site include:

Links to major L.M.M. Web sites or multi-media productions which shed light upon her work and influence
Links to other relevant archival/museum collections which relate to L.M. Montgomery directly or provide context for understanding her writings and life
Links to interviews relating to L.M.M.’s personal history and creative output, and to interviews with writer or performers who cite her influence or who have translated her works into theatre or film productions
A listing of works contained in L.M.M.’s private library, with links to scanned versions of the original works which are held in the University of Guelph archival collections
A listing of quotations appearing in L.M.M.’s books, with linking to original sources where possible
A bibliography of professional stage adaptations or movies
A “handbook” of references to characters, places and issues in L.M.M.’s writings
Scanned copies or links to book jackets and title pages for L.M.M.’s works, to aid research into the marketing and design of her books
The L.M. Montgomery Collection
The L.M. Montgomery Collection in the University of Guelph Library special collections has become an essential national repository for Montgomery studies. The collection began in 1981 with the purchase of Montgomery’s diaries (1889-1942) and scrapbooks from her son, Dr. E. Stuart Macdonald, who also served as her literary executor. Shortly after his death, additional materials were purchased from the estate, and in 1997, the manuscript of Rilla of Ingleside, thought to have been lost, was donated to the Library.

The collection is extensive and diverse, serving the needs of literary scholars, historians, and many researchers. At its center are Montgomery’s journals which consist of ten legal-size written volumes and unpublished, edited typescripts. Four of her scrapbooks, covering the years 1910 to 1936, provide additional information on her activities and interests while a fifth contains newspaper reviews of her books. Both the scrapbooks and journals are illustrated with pictures, swatches and other memorabilia.

The Montgomery papers comprise a selection of materials including the original manuscript of Rilla of Ingleside, correspondence and legal materials relating to her estate, royalty statements and genealogical notes. Printed publications in the collection include Montgomery’s personal library: holding 175 items reflecting a wide range of reading interests with approximately 70 first and subsequent editions of her works in English and translations in other languages.

Montgomery’s papers include poems, stories, the author’s will and other business correspondence and records (e.g., a ledger of poems and stories sold). The picture section contains 1273 photos, 1181 negatives, and 3 family photo albums. Included in the 64 piece artifact section are needle works, a cushion cover and ceramics. A newspaper section, which corresponds with the period of Montgomery’s life, includes relevant Charlottetown, Halifax, and Georgetown newspapers on microfilm.

Montgomery’s 23 presentation copies of her works to her long time friend and correspondent, George B. MacMillan, Alloa, Scotland, are held in the George B. MacMillan Collection.

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