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All of the videos are presented in Windows Streaming Media Format (.wmv).

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Conference Proceedings

Many of the presenters at "From Canada to the World: the Cultural Influence of Lucy Maud Montgomery" agreed to have their sessions videotaped and presented online through the conference Web site. The organizers of the conference thank them for their generosity.

Over the next weeks we will be adding more videos as they are digitized and made ready for the Web.

Elaine Crawford

Aunt Maud's Cookbook (Windows Media Format — 8min)

Liz Driver

LMM's Cookbook (Windows Media Format — 27min)

Irene Gammel

'There's such a lot of different Annes in me': Putting Together the Fragments of Life and Writing in Anne of Green Gables (Windows Media Format — 46min)

Bernard Katz

Anne of Green Gables First Editions (Windows Media Format — 1hr 21min)

Mike Ridley

Mike Ridley Introduction (Windows Media Format — 18min)

Elizabeth Rollins-Epperly

Revisiting Archives (Windows Media Format — 21min)

Catherine Ross

Responses to LMM: What Readers Tell Us (Windows Media Format — 46min)

Mary Rubio

Biography of LMM Reading (Windows Media Format — 1hr1min)

Helen Salmon & Lorne Bruce

L.M. Montgomery Research Centre Web site (Windows Media Format — 26min)

Pamela Wallin

Keynote Address (Windows Media Format — 35min)

Åsa Warnquist

L. M. Montgomery in Sweden (Windows Media Format — 18min)

Elizabeth Waterston

Rilla of Ingleside Manuscript (Windows Media Format — 47min)