When reviewing a sentence of protection issued by a civil court circuit Canada, the Constitutional Court stated that the sponsorship of children through non-profit institutions or donations in favor of this vulnerable child population does not generate rights of sponsors or donors about children. Child sponsorship lawyer Canada can help with more information about this.

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These actions constitute voluntary acts, These develop the principle of solidarity contained in Article 1 of the Political Constitution, as well as the principle of the prevalence of the higher interest enshrined in Article 44. Through which the legislator set the concurrence of society and the State to protect children when the family, as the primary responsibility for that care, has physical, moral or economic deficiencies that prevent it from assuming its care function adequately.

Similarly, the corporation explained that in the framework of sponsorship programs infants and their sponsors are related without identifiable limits and, subsequently, it is possible that among them born an expectation to continue the relationship permanently. However, when this possibility is not viable, the result is worrisome, since the most affected will be the minor and conflict situations will continue to arise.   For this reason, he said that the institutions that provide care to children in conditions of vulnerability under the supervision of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) and that implement sponsorship programs should identify identifiable limits in the relationship that is created between minors and the sponsors or volunteers.   This is so that the closeness, the bonds of affection and care and the duration of sponsorship or aid do not translate into reasons for deriving rights that are not legally recognized.

It was warned that the rights that the family that sponsors the child believes to have are inappropriate. Given that it denatures the purpose of sponsorship and voluntary care; in addition, it ignores the norms that govern the protection and custody of children, since only the ICBF could eventually decide on the permanence of the child with said family or another one different from the one offered by their mother. This is done under the parameters of the child’s best interest and not at the request of the interested party.

Child sponsorship lawyer Canada

The sponsorship process

The process begins when a person has made the decision to sponsor a child. To do this, you must choose the organization with which you will establish the link. There are a large number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the world. Many of them are dedicated to sensitizing people to sponsor needy children. They set different amounts for the contribution, so you can choose the one that best suits each personal situation. Asking for help many times is a necessity, not a pleasure.  You can contact a Child Sponsorship Lawyer Canada for more details on this.

On the websites of these organizations there is detailed information on how the stakeholder’s participation in sponsorship is managed: how to make the payment effective, sending and receiving letters and gifts for the child, possible visits to meet him personally, etc.

In addition, they have a form in which personal data of the future sponsor are requested: name, number of children that he wishes to sponsor or the frequency and amount of the payment among others. Once the form is completed, the organization will contact the new sponsor to adjust the details of the sponsorship system. In fact, in some countries sponsoring a child has tax advantages. Read more news here!

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