The Art of Interviewing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

One of the worst feelings in the world is being charged with a crime you didn’t commit. You might be framed for murder, or convicted for injuring a rapist. Either way, in such cases being tagged as a convict, means a horde of inconveniences.

So, assuming you’re the defendant charged with ‘X’ crime, in Canada, it is imperative that you hire the right Toronto criminal lawyer, to defend you. However, when it comes to these criminal attorneys, you cannot be more careful.

Thus, to ensure that you win your case, you need the assistance of the best lawyer. This is where this blog can help. You simply, require asking your criminal attorney a few questions to find one that suits you best. So, check out the following lists of queries to ask your selected attorneys for finding the ideal one.
toronto criminal lawyer

Beginning with:

Q.1. Does the Lawyer offer initial Free Consultation?

Most lawyers offer generic consultation over a phone that includes a 5-minute talk on fees and advice. However, this will hardly help you understand if that particular Toronto criminal lawyer is fit for your case. Thus, lookout for lawyers that offers an initial free consultation.

These lawyers will sit with you and discuss face to face, on your case, the plausible options to embrace, and the basic fees that will be required. This will help you understand how effective your selected lawyer will be.

Also, you’ll be able to find out his level of professionalism, and apprehend how quickly he/she is willing to work upon your case.

Q.2. What is their Payment Plan?

When you’re convicted, often reason leaves your mind. You might be in a rush and pick the best lawyer in town, who charges enough to make Midas shrivel. However, often this might lead to future financial problems and you don’t want a long case, where you can’t pay the money eventually.

Thus, before panicking, interview a few criminal advocates, and get to know their payment plans. Some, charge hourly, some charge overall and some charge by the nature of consultation. You’ll want to pick a Toronto criminal lawyer that charges overall a fixed rate.

This way, you can frame your budget and ensure that there are no hidden or extra costs that might weigh you down during the trial.

Q.3. Does H/She Specialize in Criminal Law Only?

In your frenzy to pick the best Toronto criminal lawyer, don’t end up picking a general lawyer. Often general lawyers firms advertise that they offer criminal law justice. However, you’ll not want to work with a family lawyer when it comes to criminal law.

criminal lawyer

As you might be aware criminal law is ever-changing, deep and very stringent. There are many loopholes, policies, and features that a general lawyer might not know. Only a lawyer who specializes in criminal justice, will understand the severity of a case, and know of tricks to bend the rules and prove your innocence.

Apart from this, ask your Toronto criminal lawyer, the following:

  • What is his/her availability?
  • Has he/she dealt with cases like yours before?
  • How likely is the chance of your winning?
  • What is the approximate time a case like yours might take?

Well, there you go; with these questions, you can assuredly find the best criminal defense lawyer to aid you in your predicament. For more info visit here!


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